Asymmetric earrings “Bouquet of lotuses”

4 800 rub
Material Bronze, 999 gold plating, cold enamel
Vendor code GMII-022-00026
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Size 4,5 х 3,5 сm, 2 х 1,8 cm

Stylish asymmetric stud earrings covered with 999 gold and hand-painted enamel. The ancient Egyptians were very fond of the Lotus. Its pleasant aroma reminded of the presence of a deity. Lotus flowers close at sunset, hiding in the water, and open at dawn, rising again to the surface. The Egyptians saw this as an exact match for the path of the solar deity: every evening, when it dies, it goes to the underworld, but every morning it is reborn from the dead. Therefore, in Egypt, hopes for eternal life were pinned on the solar deity, and the dense Nile thickets of papyri and lotuses were perceived as a world in which daily life is renewed.

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