"Shchukin and Matisse"

750 rub
Material Paper
Publishing year 2019
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Language Russian
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Size 16 х 11 сm

Russian collector and patron of art S. I. Shchukin was Able to quickly identify the most significant and vivid phenomena of contemporary art and make bold, extraordinary decisions. Thanks to this rare gift, the Moscow collector managed to become the largest customer and patron of the outstanding master of the twentieth century – Henri Matisse. Matisse had a reputation for being impetuous and emotional in his creative statements. The expansive Shchukin was attracted to these traits, and it was with Matisse that he developed the closest and most trusting relationship. In their friendship, the system that the Russian collector obviously followed in his relations with the Paris art market as a whole was formed and revealed. Picture after picture, the master's works began to "settle" in Moscow, in a mansion in Bolshoy Znamensky lane (there were 37 of his paintings in the Shchukin collection). By order of his patron, Matisse created the famous "Dance" and "Music"panels for the design of this mansion.

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