Brooch “The Egyptian Queen”

4 000 rub
Material Bronze, 999 gold plating, cold enamel
Vendor code GMII-022-00022
Size 3 x 8 cm

Stylish brooch, covered with 999 gold and enamel, applied by hand. Without a chain. In Ancient Egypt, the Queen was primarily the mother of the heir, the successor of the Pharaoh, " the Lord of Both Lands." The Egyptians believed that the king was born from the sun God and the earth woman-Queen. But the Queens themselves, after death, found themselves among the gods, worshipping them and offering sacrifices – so they were depicted on the walls of their tombs. Some Queens became famous for their unusual fate. For example, yahmes-Nefertari, the wife of the founder of the 18th dynasty of the New Kingdom, Yahmes, was deified along with her husband and temples were dedicated to her, and Hatshepsut assumed the functions of the king – ruler of the country.

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